[ about 2014 ]

The poetry calendar project is an ongoing collaboration between poets & visual artists.

The year 2014—an uncalled for order—contains monthly fragmented poems. 12 artists have been assigned to each month. Artists are given enough lines of poetry for all the days. They then order the fragments into a poem & respond visually to each day.

Updated daily, for every rotation the earth makes on its axis, right here on the world wide web. Check back often, refresh, bookmark, share, post, blog, like it, respond to it, take a good look & spread the good word.


2014 [ contributors ]


[ poet ] Jenna Caschera is the mother of the poetry calendar project & gave birth to the 365 lines of poetry written for an uncalled for order.



[ artist / january ] Kate Markel lives in New York & is a cytogeneticist who harvests pediatric oncology cases amongst other things.



[ artist / february ] Marc Church prefers vinyl. Deep in his heart is an undying love for dachshunds.



[ artist / march ] Camille Stirdivant is an excellent swimmer & enjoys horseback riding, yoga, & all that is good for the soul.



[ artist / april ] juicywolfleader / ∆irjob survives off of candy & daily skateboarding exercises.



[ artist / may ] Dan Foley was once Kalamazoo, but now he is Detroit. He also knows a thing or two about Petri dishes & medicine in general.



[ artist / june ] Paul Conrad is a talented graphic designer & copywriter. His inspiration comes from outer space, the abyss, & the third eye.



[ artist / july ] Rose Swartz dreams about exploring the Mayan culture through gemstones & chess pieces. She is happy for the 90th day in a row. These days the mitten state fits pretty well.



[ artist / august ] Alyssa Arney is gallery-sitting in California right now & dancing in her living room later.



[ artist / september ] Lindsey Yeo can glue anything together. Right now she is gluing together a house in Indian Village.



[ artist / october ] Ashley Hillard is studying law. She is the law. And she grew up in Paw Paw. She can tell you what she saw after the ground thaws.



[ artist / november ] Alexander Francis V. Lesner is a hopeful dreamboat. He is a sucker for crustaceans and stays up late.



[ artist / december ] Jacob Southard is a famous architect who has been to South Africa, Cambodia, Vietnam, & Thailand.